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When working with customers, I want to know what their ideal outcome is. What are they looking for? And hopefully I can avoid the pitfall of them telling me “I want a power drill!” when in reality they want “a hole” (or series of holes). 

So what is my ideal outcome? I am looking for my next dream job. And that “dream job” could easily take multiple forms.

  • Short term consulting gig 
  • Full time employment

But… if type of employment isn’t critical for my “dream job”, then what is important?

  • Working on projects and products that make a difference in the world.
  • Working on projects and products where I can make a significant contribution.
  • Working on projects where I can grow and refine my skillset.

The job can range from working on a single short term project to working full time on a key feature of a larger product that spans a much longer time. 

Flip the Script

Now the goal becomes how to captivate the hiring manager enough to start a conversation. Instead of what *I* want, what does the hiring manager (and the rest of the hiring stakeholder team) want?

I need to be able to speak to multiple stakeholders with the same set of resources.

  • The resume/résumé/resumé needs to “captivate” the Applicant Tracking System
  • The resume needs to interest either the recruiter and/or hiring manager enough to read through my resume (and put it on the “keep” pile).
  • Have some method of enticing the reader to visit my website to do a deeper dive (and where different stakeholders can deep dive into their areas of interest).

It is my hope that the QR code on the resume will be enticing enough for people to want to click on it. The QR code image will also be a hyperlink in case someone is viewing the PDF. Perhaps I can create a campaign to track the QR code clicks (ticket added to my trello board).

The actual content of the resume are beyond the scope of *this* series of blog posts, however.



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